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Even Canada's Prime Minister Loves Crazy Socks

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Justin Trudeau’s penchant for crazy socks -- quirky and patterned footwear -- has made him a brand and an easy name to mention in the fashion industry. In recent memory, Leo Varadkar, another fashion enthusiastic welcomed the Canadian prime minister to Dublin with a pair of green pairs of footwear with Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa faces while attending the show.

Canadian Prime Minister Loves Crazy Socks
Photographer: Joy Real | Source: Unsplash

However, Trudeau’s crazy socks have brought up mixed reactions in the fashion industry and public since he took office, with both emulation and scorn. For instance, the opposition members of parliament in the House of Commons have referenced them 10 times while criticizing his policies. During the debate over cabinet composition and salaries, Conservative Tom Kmiec satirically referred to him as “a minister for sock selection.” However, Trudeau’s willingness to go against the grey, drab stereotype associated with male political fashion has dramatically inspired other leaders to join the bandwagon. For example, John Horgan, the British Columbia premier wore patterned socks with planets and stars for his meeting with the prime minister while the Irish Varadkar pulled on some socks featuring maple leaves and Mounties.

With the attention given to Trudeau’s footwear taste, it is evident that crazy socks are increasingly becoming a representation for personality in the dress of the modern male professional. Gone are the days when male professionals would fill their brogues with whites and greys. Instead, they have been replaced with a range of colors and patterns. This simply makes the Prime Minister a dresser of his age.

However, for him, it is not about only being stylish or trendy but also sending messages with his choices of socks, especially when taking part in public events or meeting with other world leaders. Trudeau was spotted wearing a rainbow pair of socks bearing the words “Eid Mubarak,” which was a greeting meant for Islamic religious holiday that ends Ramadhan. A couple of years ago, his stylish light blue socks with organization’s emblem appeared to grab the attention of world leaders like Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel in the NATO summit.

Many people may question whether his unmatched affinity for statement socks is the right tone for the government, but according to him, it is all about substance and not image. For Trudeau, it is about connecting with people who might not get access to politics in their daily reading, regardless of whether his footwear is talking a wide range of publications in many different ways. Crazy socks are also a way of ensuring that he stays connected with his people and avoiding running a risk of being a Prime Minister that is disconnected from the people he is supposed to serve.


Overall, socks are increasingly becoming an essential item in the fashion industry and also a crucial stand for personality. With Trudeau admitting that he uses his footwear to send messages when it matters, many fashion enthusiast and members of the press will be on the look for the kind of statement that he will be making with his socks. This shows how vital sock has become in the fashion industry and in our society. The Prime Minister is known to make a mark in politics and diplomacy by just putting his best foot forward with the right socks.

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