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Where can I buy cool socks?

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Unless you've been living under a rock, you know there aren't really many places to buy cool socks. Recently I told you where to buy nice socks, but if its cool socks you are actually after, forget about it.  While I love being different and and rocking a pair of weird socks, I think cool socks are hard to find because they aren't that popular.

Why? Most people are straight up boring sticks in the mud when it comes to socks. I mean some people think that wearing ‘out there’ socks on a day-to-day basis is inappropriate, while others just "prefer" something a little more traditional.

Changing perceptions

That's why I'm so glad that there are rebels out there like me. These people--your hipsters, tech bros and others-- aren't afraid to buck trends. And when they do something different, the world takes note. They know that a funky pair of socks can make you stand out. They can make you memorable. I've seen this fact in my own life.

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Photographer: Adeolu Eletu | Source: Unsplash

Picture it: It was a dreary Monday morning and I was sitting with my colleagues in a meeting. Of course I wanted to die because meetings just suck the life out of me. They are worse than vampires, succubi, you name it. Anyway, my manager decided to strike a pose by putting his feet on his desk. When he lifted up his legs to rest them on the desk, my coworkers and I busted out laughing because my boss had pizza all over his socks.

One of my colleagues shouted out, “you have just made my Monday so much better.” It literally turned what was going to be a mundane Monday into something a little more special.  Also, after that day everyone to that manager as the guy who always wore the cool socks.

How unique is that? That's why I think cool socks are an incredibly fantastic yet understated way of getting yourself noticed in the corporate world (and any other world...sphere?) and also just generally making the day a little bit brighter.

Convinced to buy cool socks?

So now you are convinced, where can you buy cools socks we hear you shout? Well, thankfully, we have scoured high and low across the market to bring to you the best in cool and funky socks.

Yes, you might be able to buy cool socks down at your local market for a relatively reasonable price, but you must remember it’s equally as important for your socks to be designed to stand the wear and tear of life, sweat, blood and tears. Those market socks will last you a couple of washes, tops.

Instead of wearing supermarket socks, check out our huge range of socks. We have socks to suit your every need.

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