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Tiffany Harte

Preserving the Age-old Craft of Pressed Flowers through Phone Cases

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About the Craft of Pressed Flowers

The craft of pressed flowers goes back in time. Pressed flower has always been practiced in China and Japan as an art form, where the craft is known as oshibana. The craft involves drying flower petals and leaves inside a flower press.

As the name suggests, the objective of the craft is to press the flowers and flatten them so that they can be used for decorative purposes. To make that happen, the flower press must eliminate all moisture and light from the flowers and leaves. In the end, the flowers emerge with more desirable colors, typically ranging from faded color hues to greater intensities of vibrant colors. The final product can be used in a range of craft objects. Examples include mounting it on a wall or special paper, such as Ingres paper or Japanese paper.

Besides Asia, the pressed flower craft has been popularized in other countries as well. For instance, it generated widespread publicity in England during the Victorian era, after which its popularity faded away. However, the last 30 years have seen a revival in this art form, not only in England but also in other regions that did not traditionally practice it. Countries like the US and Australia have since joined the craze.

About Pressed Flowers in Phone Cases

As we already pointed out, the craft of pressed flowers is making a comeback big time. One sector that has taken immense inspiration from this timeless art form is the phone case industry. When pressed flower phone cases first hit the markets, many shoppers might have viewed the concept as stretching the whole idea of phone case embellishment too far. However, that was long before we fully embraced the raw beauty and elegance that these patterns add to our phone cases.

The phone case market is now awash with different pressed flower phone cases for consumers of varied tastes and preferences. And in an era where aesthetics dictates nearly every purchase decision, pressed flower phone covers couldn’t have come at a better time. Present-day phone case consumers are no longer investing in phone covers whose only selling point is robust construction. Instead, they’re looking for a product that offers a mix of practical functionality and aesthetic appeal. And that’s what pressed flower phone cases deliver.

Pressed Flower Phone Cases – More Than Just the Sheer Elegance

It’s undeniably true that pressed flower phone cases add a touch of class to your phone. Indeed, the art of pressed flowers on phone cases is arguably the most creative phone case decoration idea ever conceived, and the most charming one there is. Forget the conventional phone cover decorations you’ve seen out there and come experience the true magic of pressed flower phone cases.

Remember how you felt when you first purchased a personalized phone case? The excitement of having a phone cover with a custom text or image on it was simply surreal. Well, pressed flower phone cases take the experience a notch higher. Not only are they unique, but these flower patterns are so skillfully pressed that they’ll always make your phone stand out even among other phones that feature beautiful phone case embellishments.

But that sheer beauty isn’t the only thing there is to pressed flower cases. These cases also enable you to preserve one of the oldest craft forms out there. Most phone case decoration ideas are inspired by modern trends, which is fair enough. However, it’s always more enthralling to know that your phone case is decorated in patterns that have been around from time immemorial. Most of us may not have been there to witness this craft take the world by storm. But by investing in the right pressed flower phone cases, we can all travel back in time and relive those glorious moments as we share in the memories of those who pioneered oshibana.

Another thing that makes pressed flower phone cases worth investing in is the fact that they bring Mother Nature closer to us. Flowers have always been the crowning jewels of any natural scenery. And having a phone case that’s decorated in charming floral patterns is an excellent way to experience nature wherever we go.

Lastly, pressed flower phone cases are admirable for their chic and simplistic designs. The flowers may require heightened skills to press alright. However, the simplicity with which they are imprinted on phone cases is simply amazing. Whether you’re a minimalist or not, you’ll surely find pressed flower phone cases worth your bucks.

Choosing the Best Pressed Flower Phone Case for You

The first step in choosing your ideal pressed flower phone case is deciding on the best pattern. Pressed flowers come in numerous designs. You can opt for those that feature solitary flowers and leaves, especially if you’re a minimalist looking for a simplistic phone case. Alternatively, you can go for a cluster of flowers if you desire a flashy appearance. The good news is that any pressed flower design or pattern you can think of is likely to be available. You only have to browse the internet for thousands of patterns and choose those that satisfy your tastes and preference. Even if your ideal pattern isn’t already available, you can always have it custom-made for you.

After picking your desired pattern of flowers, it’s time to choose the perfect color. Again, this will depend on what colors you fancy. Flowers generally come in white, yellow, purple, pink, and orange colors. No wonder, most pressed flower phone cases primarily feature these colors. However, you can still choose a color other than these dominant options. That’s because before the pressed flowers are imprinted on phone covers, some of them have their colors treated and modified.

When choosing the best color for your pressed flower phone case, also examine the color of the phone cover and ensure it complements the design. To make the pressed flowers stand out, the phone case must feature a color that delivers a balance of sparkle and contrast. A phone case designed in radiant colors will help accentuate the flower designs, even if their colors aren’t necessarily bright. Certain phone case materials, such as silver metal and polycarbonate plastics, are known for their sparkly colors. As such, they will seamlessly make the pressed flower pattern on your phone case stand out.

Lastly, since you’ll likely be ordering your pressed flower phone case, ensure you establish the credentials of the retailer before placing your order. Insist on dealers who offer custom flower designs as that way, you’ll be able to give your phone case a unique identity. Also ensure the retailer offers favorable return policy. That will come in handy on the off chance the product fails to meet your expectations.

Pressed flower phone cases are the real deal when looking for a phone cover that blends elegance and simplicity.