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Successful, Brilliant, Creative People Wear Crazy Socks

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Crazy. Creative. Successful. Researchers in the Journal of Consumer Research say those three words describe people who wear crazy socks. And it makes sense because some clothes make you feel young and energetic while others make you feel serious, official and no-nonsense.

Crazy Socks Express Freedom, Uniqueness, and Open Mind

Beyond the psychological aspect of how crazy socks make the wearer feel, the study says that crazy socks are an indicator of potential success because they make other people think the sock wear is intelligent, confident, liberated, playful, inspiring and full of life.

Crazy Socks Help you Become a Brand

Crazy socks speak. They say, “I am not afraid,” and “I’m not the boy next door.” Better still they say, “If I want it, I will get it!”

That’s why crazy socks are a necessary part of your wardrobe if you are trying to build a brand. Crazy socks present you as a unique, non-conforming person. Let’s be real here. The reason this works is if you have the guts to show up in whatever attire you like, people will think you are cool. They will think you are a force to be reckoned with. When that happens, people will start desiring to be you, and voila. Your brand is born.

Crazy Socks Affect Your Thoughts, Feelings and Actions

Dr. Adam Galinsky, a social psychologist at Northwestern University, did a study that showed what we wear affects how we think, feel and what we do.  He found out that our cognitive processes, perception and judgment are affected greatly by our choice of clothes.

Today, all over the world, competition stands out as the one thing that stands between your success and failure. Whether in formal or informal entities, employers, partners and consultants are poaching for that one person who expresses himself as an opportunity magnet. The question is: How do you present yourself as their solution? How do you express the high potential and raw energy inside you?

Deep Dive: How Do Crazy Socks Improve Your Chances of Getting a Deal or Getting Hired?

Crazy socks are probably one of the most ignored parts of the outfit but quite essential if you need to make the lion inside you roar. Though they lurk secretly under the trouser, they speak volumes. Wacky socks make you appear bold and ready for new challenges. There are three ways you can win big in interviews and presentations. Let’s look at them.


When you present yourself as ‘separate from the masses’, you appear as regal and elevated. Traditionally, multi-colored socks would easily be considered a weird choice but in the current times, you will not only look flamboyant, but you will express freedom.


There is nothing that beats one down like fear. In an interview, for example, the panel observes the way you enter the room, the way you sit, the way you look at them, and every move counts. In one sitting, you can make or break your future. But if there's one thing that can save your day, it’s if you are confident.


The opportunities we are looking for, every dream for success is halfway determined by this one thing. Creativity. Most people think of this in relation to artists only but they are approaching it all wrong.

Crazy socks take the creativity attribute to a whole new level. Apart from making you feel inspired, you will express yourself as a creative genius and you can pass on this creativity to others. It’s infectious!

Robin Sharma, author of “The Leader Who Had No Title” affirms in his class that there’s not one successful person who never challenged the status quo. Every single one of them refuses to settle. They dare to stand out from the crowd. Celebrities are the perfect people to prove Sharma’s hypothesis, so let’s look at a few celebrities and their wacky socks.

How Do Celebrities Rock Wacky Socks?

  1. Silicon Valley tech entrepreneurs featured in a piece by the New York Times used their feet to display that they were power players. Almost all of them wore outrageous, flamboyant, colored and patterned socks.
  2. Funny woman Ellen DeGeneres was featured on the Huffington Post rocking gray and white striped socks accompanied by a navy blue suit.
  3. Justin Bieber rocked pink striped socks in an interview. Pink! That’s brave.
  4. Robert Downey Jr. rocked a brown outfit, green socks with a matching bandanna on the red carpet. Maybe to show us, “fine, I have had seasons of trouble but, hey, I’m still here and I got it together!”
  5. Joseph Gordon Levitt looked totally awesome.in the Daily Mail wearing differently patterned gray socks.
  6. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is on this list too. Even when in an official capacity, he would never hesitate to rock socks with flower prints.
  7. Russell Westbrook, one of the NBA's most popular players, knows the secret of wearing crazy socks all too well. He often compliments his casual wear with colored and patterned socks.

Do you still want to keep your boring gray, black and white socks or are you ready to join the crazy socks bandwagon? If you are a fun loving person, you will definitely find the transition easier and fulfilling. Your new look will not only build a brand for you, it will bring a new feeling of re-birth.

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