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Taking Phone Decoration to a Whole New Level with a Bling Phone Case

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Beauty, class, and style - that’s what bling phone cases are known for. Dispel the cozy impression that the bling lifestyle is a preserve of the wealthy. While we associate them with opulence and ostentation, just about anyone can own an item of bling. And that holds true for a phone case as well. When it comes to bling phone cases, there’s a broad collection of materials to choose from. It’s that flexibility that makes bling phone covers not that expensive after all.

So, if you were considering getting yourself an elegant bling phone case, we suggest you don’t reconsider. No reason should justify your inability to adorn your phone in a chic bling phone case. Not when you can always find a cover that meets your needs and is also within your budget. But while shopping for your ideal bling phone case, you’ll invariably be spoilt for choice. Not only due to the abundance of these phone covers in the market, but also because of their unparalleled beauty. Therefore, before you go shopping for any bling phone cover, it’s imperative that you have as much information in your back pocket as possible. That shall be the focus of this post.

The Top 5 Bling Phone Case Ideas

As we already mentioned, bling phone cases come in a vast array of options, and they need to. Every phone case consumer out there has their own tastes and preferences. And while everyone would readily fall for the magnificence of bling phone cases, the choice of an ideal cover comes down to the unique requirements of the consumer.

The following are some of the most popular ideas for bling phone cases.

1. Rhinestone Phone Cases

Rhinestone is basically an imitation of a diamond. The material is preferred for its lower price, relative to the cost of real diamonds. But don’t let the word imitation dampen your spirits. Rhinestone phone cases look as elegant and sparkly as real gemstones. In fact, you’d need to be a professional gemologist to make a distinction between a rhinestone phone case and a phone cover designed with genuine diamond crystals. That’s how similar the two substances are.

Just like diamonds, rhinestones give off high-quality brilliance. For maximum impact, look for phone cases that feature finely-polished and skillfully-cushioned rhinestones. Leave a lasting impression wherever you go by investing in a quality rhinestone phone case. And the best part is that the prices of rhinestone phone cases are significantly lower than those of real diamonds. That’s despite the fact that the two materials rank side by side in terms of their glitter effect. Click here to sample some gorgeous rhinestone phone covers out there.

2. Sequin Phone Cases

Sequins refer to small round metal or plastic discs, slightly cupped and used as decoration. The edges of sequins are so polished that they trap maximum light, reflecting the same on your phone case. Now, we all understand that for anything to sparkle, it must possess excellent light- and color-handling attributes. And that’s what sequin offers.

When used on phone cases, sequin harnesses even the slightest light and color hues, reflecting it back onto your phone to create a charming beauty. The best part is that the discs can be painted in different colors to match the color of your phone. Or if you wish, you could go for contrasting colors. That way, the sequin phone cover will create a pleasant contrast between your phone and the case, thereby making the phone stand out. Get yourself a sequin phone case today, and your phone will surely create a spectacle wherever you go.

3. Spangles

Spangles are thin pieces of glittery materials. They almost resemble sequins but are typically sewn onto clothing decorations. Since they are often sewn onto clothing first before being used to design phone cases, spangled surfaces are easier to customize.

Another major selling point of spangles is that they glitter with movement, creating different color hues even with the slightest motion. And besides their ease of customization, spangle phone covers also tend to be cheaper.

4. Rhinestuds

Now, remember how we mentioned that rhinestones are the cheaper equivalent of diamonds? Here’s even a more affordable alternative for the low-end phone case market. Rhinestuds are octagon-shaped pieces of metal that are cushioned to produce the same shimmer as rhinestones.

In terms of their glitter, not many people would readily distinguish between a rhinestone and rhinestud phone case.

5. Nail Heads

The last category of bling phone cases includes the nail heads. As their name suggests, these are rounded, flat pieces of metal which resemble the top of the actual nail. Nail head phone covers may not glitter as much as the other bling phone cases.

However, nail head designs are an excellent display of creativity and ingenuity. For a more scintillating shimmer, you can consider phone cases designed with nail heads that are fashioned from glistening metals, such as silver.

Evidently, bling phone cases come with a lot of flexibility and convenience for the buyer. Any of the materials above would give your phone enough sparkle to wow everyone wherever you go. If you’re on a budget, you might consider the cheaper alternatives like Rhinestuds and nail heads.

How to Choose the Best Bling Phone Case

First and foremost, you should remember that bling phone cases are especially popular among the younger generations. And that means their prices tend to be on the higher side. However, there’s a saving grace. Millennials are known for being fussy shoppers. Most consumers in this demographic tend to look for techy and functional products that also come with a touch of glamor. Based on that, bling phone case manufacturers have always endeavored to ensure their products meet the minimum standards of quality and functionality.

But as we mentioned, the choice still comes down to your own unique tastes. With too many design options at your disposal, you’ll first need to determine the right one for you. Whether it’s a nail head design you’re looking for or rhinestone bling, define your needs from the get-go.

Another thing you should remember is that bling is just a decoration, and what matters most is the material on which the decoration appears. So much as you need to choose your ideal bling design, you should also give due consideration to the phone case material on which the design is embellished. The material will consequently determine how sparkly the bling appears. The good news is that most phone case materials nowadays are treated to deliver maximum aesthetics regardless of the designs printed on them.

Lastly, compare prices across different suppliers. While high-quality bling phone cases come with reasonably hefty price tags, comparing prices across multiple vendors will ensure you end up with the best bargain.

Bling phone covers are a great way to step out in style and create a lasting impression. And the fact that the market teems with numerous bling phone case embellishment ideas makes it all the more worth a try.