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Why You Need a Wooden Phone Case

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A wooden phone case! How’s that even conceivable, let alone practical? Most phone case consumers are used to phone covers that are predominantly made of metal, plastic, and leather. To such people, the idea of a wooden phone case may appear a little far-fetched. However, wooden phone cases have been around for some time now. They are a special favorite among consumers that desire to break away from convention and get their phones a cover that’s both unique and functional.

Like many other phone case materials out there, wood comes with its positives as well as drawbacks. And it’s imperative that you understand the pros and cons of a wooden phone case before splashing on one. Remember that nowadays, even standard phone covers come with reasonably high price tags. Which implies that newer and more stylish designs, such as wooden cases, are likely to cost even higher. But as you shall find, it all comes down to where you source your phone cover. Read on for insightful analysis of wooden phone cases.

Wooden Phone Cases at Dandy Cases
Handmade Wooden Phone Cases at Dandy Cases

Advantages of Wooden Phone Case

1. Uniqueness

This is the one quality you’ll never miss in a wooden phone case. The uniqueness and elegance of these phone cases is simply out of this world. And we all know that when it comes to phone covers, the more unique, the better. By getting your phone a wood phone case, you’ll have made the best decision in trying to make the handset stand out.

Remember, only a handful of phone cases out there are made of wood, compared to the thousands of products featuring conventional materials, such as rubber, metal, and plastics. Due to their sheer uniqueness, wood phone cases significantly add a chic and charming flair to your phone.

2. Environmentally Friendly

The world is steadily shifting towards total environmental sustainability, in line with the Millennium Development Goals. One way to make that happen is through the reduction of carbon footprint and controlling how much of non-biodegradable material ends up in our landfills.

Now, picture this! What happens when your plastic phone case breaks? If you’re like most people, you would innocently chuck it into the trash, never to worry about it again. But unknown to you, all those plastic wastes end up in landfills, where they not only create an unsightly spectacle but also contribute to environmental degradation. By getting your phone a wood phone case, you’ll be actively contributing to environmental preservation. Even if the phone case gets damaged and you have to get a new one, you won’t worry much about where to throw the broken phone cover. Besides their biodegradability, wood phone cases are also a healthier option compared to other materials like plastics. That’s especially true if you have little children who’re fond of putting the phone case in their mouths.

3. Lightweight

Most mobile phones manufactured nowadays are quite heavy. To make up for that bulkiness, you’d need a lightweight phone case. That way, you won’t have to feel as though you’re carrying extra baggage wherever you go.

Again, wooden phone covers score relatively high in terms of how light they are. In most cases, you won’t even tell the difference in weight between when the phone is covered and when it’s not. Needless to mention, their light weight design doesn’t necessarily imply that wood phone cases are weak or brittle.

4. Durability

Durability is another important selling point of wood phone cases. Wood ranks highly among the materials most consumers prefer, primarily due to its strength. Indeed, the importance of choosing a strong and robust material for your phone case cannot be overstated.

Compared to other materials like plastic, wooden phone covers have proven to be more efficient at handling falls and scratches. The durability of wood phone cases depends on the kind of wood your phone cover is made of. For instance, phone cases designed with hardwood or treated wood are thought to be as durable as polycarbonate plastic.

5. A Variety of Choice

Wood is one of the few phone case materials that offer flexibility, which is another primary consideration when choosing a phone case material. Wood phone cases come in a variety of options; from softwood to hardwood and even treated wood. Each of these variations is unique in terms of its elegance, durability, and overall cost.

Whether you’re looking for rosewood, walnut, or zebra phone cases, there are thousands of products waiting to be uncovered by you. With these numerous designs, it’s easy to find a wood phone case that guarantees a balance of aesthetics and robustness.

6. Great for Customized Engravings

The trend of customizing phone cases has taken the world by storm. Every phone cover consumer out there is keen to personalize their phone cases with texts and images that speak to their personality. But when seeking to customize your phone case, you should choose the best phone case material available. That entails a material which can accentuate the custom texts in a bid to make your phone stand out.

When looking for such material, look no further than wood. Wood is remarkably easier to engrave compared to many other phone cover materials. Whether you’re looking to have a customized picture of you, a sketch, an inspirational text, or even a tattoo, it can always be done in record time. That makes wood phone cases perfect gift ideas. And the fact that wood gets better with time means your engravings will stay in shape for as long as the phone case is functional.

How to Get Great Bargains When Shopping for Wooden Phone Covers and Cases

Wood Phone Case at Dandy Cases

While the market features thousands of gorgeous phone cases, finding a wooden phone cover that meets your needs isn’t a walk in the park.

First, you should start by assessing your budget. That will enable you to determine the right kind of wood phone case for you. For instance, phone covers designed with softwoods are likely to be cheaper than those made of engineered wood.

After determining your spending power, proceed to choose the right supplier. Since wood is such a delicate material, you need a supplier who's honest about the kind of material their phone covers are made of. Check for reviews of different phone cover supplies and go with the one that appears to enjoy the most consumer confidence.

The last step is to contact your supplier and discuss the possibility of having the phone case engraved with your custom texts or images. While some wood phone cases come with pre-engraved patterns, you’ll find that not every ready-made design meets your tastes and personalities.

Wood phone cases are some of the most durable out there. Besides, investing in wood phone covers is a proactive way of contributing to the noble cause of environmental preservation. Not to mention, the remarkable ease with which these phone cases can be customized.

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