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Tiffany Harte

Uncover Trendy Phone Case Embellishment Ideas

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Many mobile phone owners admit that buying a phone case is one of the best decisions they’ll ever make for their cherished handsets. However, not as many people understand the intricate details to consider when shopping for their ideal phone case.

And since the market is awash with phone covers that come in different shapes and designs, it’s often a bit difficult to choose from hundreds of equally appealing products.

What Are The Different Categories Of Phone Case Consumers?

According to a recent survey by NDP, phone case consumers can be classified into five major categories depending on what they’re primarily looking for in the product.

The categories include:

  1. Durable protection – People looking for a phone case that’s made up of robust and high-quality material for maximum durability.
  2. Basic protection – This group comprises of the least fussy phone case consumers. To such consumers, all that matters is a functional cover that offers protection to their phone.
  3. Fashion and style – This is a segment of phone cover consumers who place aesthetics above every other consideration.
  4. Practical fashion – Consumers in this group are concerned about aesthetic appeal, but are also quite conscious about the cost. Therefore, they tend to go for a phone cover that features elegance and affordability in one package.
  5. Tech enthusiasts – This last category comprises of phone case consumers who’re tech-savvy. Buyers under this category are more driven by the technological design of a phone case, as opposed to its sheer strength and beauty.

It doesn’t matter which category you fall, one thing is for sure; you’d want a phone case that aptly captures your interests as a shopper. Finding personalized phone covers is now relatively easier than before. However, finding an embellished phone case that adds a glitter effect to your phone isn’t a walk in the park.

Why Go For Embellished Phone Cases?

If you’re like most people, you’ll find contentment in having your phone printed with a plain custom text or image. But if you believe in adding a touch of glamor and elegance to your handset, you’ll have it embellished with a design that speaks to your class and personality.

One thing you’ll never miss about embellished phone cases is their brilliance. Most phone case embellishment ideas out there come with a degree of sparkle that makes your phone amazingly conspicuous.

Besides their sheer sparkle, many phone case embellishments are designed to meet the individual needs of the phone owner. It’s a creative way of broadcasting your personality to the world around you. Through these decorations, you can invite people into your inner world and have them uncover your sacred dreams and aspirations, albeit passively. For instance, it’s easy for the lady next door to understand your craze for Ferraris, just by looking at a Ferrari embellishment on your phone case. Similarly, your colleague at work will appreciate your love and adoration for the environment if your phone cover features a decoration that speaks to a deep affinity with Mother Nature.

Lastly, embellished phone cases are a great way of promoting your corporate as well as personal brands. Think of your company logo, a motivational quote, or even a photo of you! You can easily convert it into a beautiful decoration and have it printed on your phone cover.

Evidently, there are numerous benefits, both functional and ornate, to having your phone case embellished. But what kind of decorations should you go for? The market teems with thousands of phone case embellishment ideas to choose from.

Popular Phone Case Embellishment Ideas

How deep is your connection with everything royal? Ever imagined you’d become a king someday? Well, stop imagining and start living your reality by investing in this Crown and Heart phone cover embellishment. This decoration will surely add a regal touch to your phone, bringing the royal experience closer to you every day.

It might happen you’re looking for an embellishment that merges a pattern with a short custom text or your names’ initials. Well, your search ends with this embellished phone case. Having the initials of your name or a short text accompany a phone cover embellishment is an excellent way to enjoy the best of both worlds. What’s more – the text doesn’t have to be descriptive of the decoration. Instead, it should only complement the elegance of the pattern you choose.

If you’re enthusiastic about geography and believe in exploring the four corners of the world, you might want to consider Map Covers for your phone case decoration. The best part about this embellishment idea is that you can choose which map to have on your phone cover. Be it a map of the entire globe or a regional map, the decoration will look just as chic.

Some of us spend our entire lives looking for the perfect flowers to wow our partners with. And when we find it, it usually fades before it can deliver the desired impact. Well, with the Pressed Flower phone case decoration idea, your worries will be a thing of the past. The best thing about these flowers is that they’re durable, hence timeless. Therefore, you’ll no longer need to wait until the blooming season to make an impression on your partner. Gifting this phone cover to the love of your life will go a long way in cementing the bond that exists between the two of you.

When De Beers coined the phrase “Diamonds Are Forever”, they may never have had phone cases in mind. However, that glorious sentiment has been carried on for years and is now immortalized in numerous phone cover embellishments. One such decoration is the Diamond Encrusted phone case embellishment. One of the selling points about this phone case decoration is the flexibility it offers. You can either go for real or enhanced diamonds depending on your budget needs. And your phone case will look just as stunning.

When choosing a phone case embellishment idea, you often desire something that’s both beautiful and functional. For instance, a charming decoration that also comes with perfect grip to your hands would be highly welcome. And that’s what this Studded Design features. Besides their sheer beauty, the studs have been conveniently incorporated to enhance the grip between your palm and the phone. Even better, the studs need not be pointed. You can experiment with different shapes as long as you don’t sacrifice their functional and aesthetic values.

Last but not least, you can keep it all plain by going for custom texts for your phone cover embellishments. There are hundreds of choice phrases, clichés, and quotes to choose from. However, always keep the custom text short and precise, like this one.

Embellished phone cases are the new craze in the cell phone industry. And if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, you’re missing out big time. Feel free to sample the numerous phone cover embellishment ideas out there to find something that captures your needs.